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For more than a century now, hundreds of distributors in the Greek market have trusted Fornaro representations as their long-term partner in struggling for growth and better business results. It is, we believe, because of our total commitment to our customers that has enabled us to succeed. It is because we see our customers more as our partners than as anything else. We understand that their success is our own success, and we strive to help them meet their goals and create results. Image

Our partners are confident that while working with us they will always have access to branded, high-quality products and will distribute goods from trusted and established manufacturers only. Moreover, they will know that we will be there for them to help solve any problems they have without fail and always bring new opportunities to them.

The main reasons why hundreds of distributors in Greece choose Fornaro Business Agency as their partner in business growth are: 

Strong relationships - We see our relationship to our customers not as one that a salesperson sells things to them, but as one that a partner takes problems off their desks and brings opportunities to their attention. We have a personal close relationship with our partners who know who to talk to and feel at ease to speak with. More than anything else, our partners know they can rely on us if anything goes wrong in their business and have learnt to readily expect what we promise to them

Lower risks, better opportunities - Being in personal contact with hundreds of distributors all around Greece, in same or different disciplines, getting market feedback from different angles and points of view at the same time, and filtering all that through 120 years long of experience, creates an exceptional understanding of the risks and opportunities in the market at any given point. Our partners take full advantage of this knowledge, many times uniquely found in us.

Branded, high-quality products - Fornaro representations have made a name for representing manufacturers with branded, high-quality products. Righteously so. We care for the long-term success of our partners and thus have always worked towards creating a name for our products in the concience of the end users. We want our customers to be able to benefit from the surplus value of a branded product, while offering high-quality products at affordable prices.

Trusted manufacturers - In all the years of our business, we have come to understand just how important is the way a manufacturer runs its business for the ultimate success of a local distributor. Our partners can be confident that the manufacturers we work with are always cooperative, that they try to understand the perculiarities of the local market and are committed to the success of our customers, just as much as we are.

Supply chain outsourcing - The distributors who partner with us are effectively outsourcing part of their supply chain department's operations to us: they rely on us to find specific items they are missing, compose and track the orders they place, keep an eye on the bonus scales and many more.

Commitment - We are totally committed to our mission. That means we are commited to the global manufacturers we represent, to the distributors in Greece that we work with, to the markets and the territory we operate in. While employees move from one job to another, companies merge or shut down, history suggests that we will always be around to assist our partners to develop their business.