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Despite -or maybe just because of- the globalization in trade,  manufacturers around the world realize that one of the most important elements for a successful business in today's highly competitive marketplace is contacting their existing and prospective customers on the customer's site on a regular basis. Our core service to global manufacturers is just that. 


But the sum of our services is a lot more. Global manufacturers who partner with us are effectively outsourcing all of their marketing and sales activities for our territory to an experienced and hard-working team that is self-driven and that can develop a growing business for them. At the same time they rest reassured that our long experience in our territory enables us to master the challenges and perculiarities of the local market and help them become more local, whenever necessary to succeed.

Our teritory is the Greek market, which we have been serving for 120 years. We work on a commission basis and pay for all of our expenses while investing our time and efforts to promote our partners' products and services in Greece. We do that in return for an contractual agreement to be the exclusive agent of the manufacturers we represent in our territory. We profit by specializing in the sales business, leveraging our long presence in the market and performing sales for multiple manufacturers to the same customers.

The main reasons why global manufacturers trust Fornaro Business Agency to drive their business in the Greek market are:

Low, predictable sales costs - There is no need for setting up local offices, hiring and training administrative and sales employees. The rate of commission is agreed on advance and sales expenses are covered by us. The manufacturer needs to employ no sales agent for our territory; we report directly to sales managers who oversee our sales performance. 

Increased sales - The Greek market is a very fragmented and demanding one. In many sectors and segments, a single one exclusive importer may not cover the whole of the market both due to capital and sales network limitations. We work with the right number of distributors that is necessary to generate the maximum amount of sales in the Greek market, while keeping a constant eye in the market and taking necessary actions to ensure the long-term growth of the business.

Immediate access to the market - Working with us, our partners need not invest time or efforts in analysing the Greek market and looking for customers. We already know how the market works, who the right customers are and already have good prospects that would consider new products.

Free consulting services - With 120 years of experience in the business of trade and sales, we have come to know what works and what does not. We understand our customers very well and know what is important for them. We use this knowledge to help our partners make the most of the local market.

Sales excellence - Sales is our business.. Our partners need not to train us on how to sell their products or waste time in showing us the right way of performing sales. To be sure, our partners feel confident in working with highly educated and trained individuals, who follow the latest business practices and sales techniques. No wonder; with no base salary, we have to sell to profit.  

Brand building - Our strategy has always been, and continues to be even more so today, to develop our partners' business in the local market for the long-term and to that end we pay great attention on brand building, a long and continuous effort from our side on all possible accounts: customer relationship, marketing, promotion, advertisement, after-sales support etc.

Customer oriented -  We see our relationship with our customers not as one that a salesperson sells things to them, but as one that a partner takes problems off their desks and brings opportunities to their attention. We see their success as our success, and that in turn means success for our global partners.  

Commitment -  We are totally committed to our mission. That means we are commited to the global manufacturers we represent, to the distributors in Greece that we work with, to the markets and the territory we operate in. While employees move from one job to another, companies merge or shut down, history suggests that we will still be around to assist our partners to develop their business. 

Our strong experinece of the local markets, our lifetime commitment to our territory and our long-lasting relationships with our customers, all give the assurance to our partners that working with us will maximize their sales in Greece.