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Fornaro representations were first established in Athens in 1887 and since then they have been serving global manufacturers and distributors in Greece, assisting them in developing their business.  

Generation after generation, from 'F.Fornaro Representations' in 1887 to 'Fornaro Business Agency' today, we have gained knowledge in our markets that is very hard to be reproduced by anyone else in our business. Our very long tradition is not only proof of a successful past, but also a guarantee for commitment to our mission in the future. A future full of hard work and modern ideas that will enable us to compete in the increasing demands and challenges of our business.


Operating as a representations agency on an exclusive basis, we assist global manufacturers to create and grow their business in the Greek market by providing them with independent local market insights, performing sales activities and systematically building a strong brand for them in the Greek market.

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At the same time, with our customer-oriented sales approach and our commitment to long-lasting customer relationships, we have established ourselves as an indispensable partner to hundreds of local distributors by offering them a wide range of branded and quality products by committed manufacturers, assisting them in selecting the right mix of products and helping them to solve any problems they come across in their business, especially in today's high competitive marketplace.

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Fornaro Business Agency exclusively represents in Greece more than 40 manufacturers from around the world: Switzerland, France, Italy, Portugal, Germany, U.K., Spain, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, and Japan. Our partners in Greece are reassured that all the manufacturers we represent produce high quality products and are always willing to cooperate in order to successfully develop the local business for the long-term. More than half the manufacturers we represent have been our partners for more than 20 years. Several have been our partners for more than 30 years and MUSTAD has been our partner since 1910.

There are currently hundreds of distributors in Greece who trust Fornaro Business Agency as their partner for finding and cooperating with manufacturers from around the world. Our customer list includes some of the strongest distributors for every market segment we operate in.

The successful course of our business for all these years has been recently highlighted by the incorporation of our agency. The infusion of the management team with the highly trained fifth generation of the Fornaro family in this business, has leveraged a long successful past to begin a new chapter and open new horizons.

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